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This is a home page for the original Go problems characterized by the picture and the character life-and-death problems such as Ladder or X'mas Tree ( Picture Problems only ) by an amature Go player. After four original problems, you can enjoy the picture and character problem. I hope the visitors enjoy solving the problems and promoting their skill. New problems will be released every month.

 The game of Go is a board game developed in China, Korea and Japan from ancient times. The game of Go is one of the simplest games in the world using only two types of stone, black and white, on the 19 cross lines. However, beyond being merely a fun game, the game is considered to be a mirror of our way of thinking and therefore an analogy of our life. We may learn the secrets of success in life from the game.

1) Balance is very important. If we try to capture all of the opponent stones, our stones are occasionally captured in reverse. We can learn from the game that to be greedy make us lose everything or that giving 49 and getting 51 is the best way to the success.
2) Even if we lose one corner, we may recover it in the rest of the long game. We can learn from the game that we had better not give up the life even in the difficult situation in our life.
3) We play with our partner but not play against the opponent. We have to behave in a pleasant manner and understand that early resignation is also necessary in the life. We can learn that an arbitrary decision is not good.
4) Though the game of Go is originally tricky, too easy trick is sometimes unpleasant and strength is quite different from being tricky. We can learn the importance of honesty and the importance of endeavor to develop our skill for the victory from the game.
5) The game of Go is too complex to allow the entirely same game occur in the human history. There are many choices or decisions to the goal such as territory or thickness. Everybody has his own life. We can learn from the game that the best life does not exist but that better life can be established by deep consideration.
6) Whether strong or not does not depend upon the appearance or the age of the player. An objective judge is not always made by an old pushy boss.

I used the free applet named 'Stone quiz' for making the online life-and-death problems (Tsumego ) of the game of Go provided by Wakaba.

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