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2025 International Camellia Congress in Tokyo

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Deadlines of payment

Time schedule Deadlines of payment
Start accepting the applicationMay 20th, 2024
Early BirdSep. 30th, 2024
Final paymentNov. 30th, 2024

(Note) that there might be some changes in schedule
and in case, the number of the participants is less than 30, the course might be cancelled.

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Deadlines of paper submissions

Time schedule Deadlines of submission
AbstractSep. 30th, 2024
Full paper Nov. 30th, 2024
Poster paperFeb. 10th, 2025
(Note) All authors who apply for both oral or poster presentation have to submit their abstracts and full papers for proceedings first. Then editorial board members will judge their session and others. If your paper is cllasified as poster session, you have to remake your full paper for proceedings for the poster presentration.

Higo camellia 'Ōkan' by Masahiro Kobayashi

The next International Camellia Congress will be taken place in Tokyo, Japan in 2025. Though in Tokyo, there is one of the famous islands of camellia in Japan, Oshima, the Oshima town is not big enough for accepting 200 guests. Then, we set the ‘Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’ as main venue which located in the center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The hotel is one of the very best hotels in Japan and the name ‘Chinzanso (椿山荘)’ means ‘Camellia Mountain Hotel’. They are proud of accepting the Congress and will treat us very special guests. There, you can enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden with full of camellias.
Here, we have to express our sincere appreciation to the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau for supporting our Congress financially

Japanese garden of the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

To our surprise, Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado understood the importance of camellia as one of the Japanese traditional culture and that the participants of the congress from all of the world love not only camellia but also Japan and her culture. Finally she decided to take part in the opening ceremony of our 2025 International Camellia Congress in Tokyo on Mar. 9th at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Then, the five courses A, B (pre-congress-tour), C, D (main congress), and E (post-congress-tour) are prepared for the congress. As Oshima is the semi-main place of the congress, we will take every participant to there by dividing into two groups, either B course of the pre-congress-tour or C course of the main congress which include Oshima tour.

Note that B course is almost same with the Oshima tour of C.

We are looking forward to seeing Camellia friends from all over the world in the home country of Camellia, Japan.

Camellia japonica L. (ヤブツバキ)   C. x hortensis 'Otome' (乙女)    'Hasumijiro' (蓮見白)

Pre-Congress Tour

Mar. 6th – 9th, 2025

Course A (Ishikawa and Toyama Pref.) and Course B (Oshima Island Course)

Course A (Ishikawa and Toyama Pref.)

Ishikawa prefecture was severely damaged by the Noto earthquake occurred on Jan. 1st, 2024. By our experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and Kumamoto earth quake in 2016, it takes a long time to recover, for example, the Higo camellia and Higo sasanqua gardens in the Kumamoto Castle shall be closed for 30 years. So we had been anxious about the pre-congress tour. We (three core menbers) visited Ishikawa and Toyama in February and found that the places to visit were not so bad. The local staffs there said that they will be very happy if they have the guests of the International Camellia Congress as a symbol of recovery. We can support them by visiting there as the pre-congress tour of the ICS in 2025.

C. x wabiske '(Kochō) Wabisuke' (胡蝶侘助) 'Tarōkaja' (太郎冠者)   'Miyo-no-sakae' (御代の栄)