The Namino House

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Scenery of Aso
     We, Mr. Kinouchi and I, bought an old farm house at Namino village, Kumamoto, Japan in Aug., 1999.   There are four buildings, a main building with two hearth and a kitchen range, a stable, a barn and a Goemon-Buro ( Japanese traditional bath house), a hill at the back of the house and field in front, which remind us the old Japanese countryside scenery.  We are planing to use the house for the Farm Stay and the Environmental Education.

From Mt. Ogi.

Where is Namino ?
     Namino village is situated on the crater mountain of the world biggest volcano Mt. Aso where is one of the most rural area in Japan .   There are two Kagura theaters near the Ogi shrine ( 1400 years old ) where you can enjoy the kagura; sacred ( Shinto ) music and dance.
     Namino is also famous for the high land agriculture where they grows cabbage, Japanese radish and potato.  You can find a lot of red cows grazing in the grass land.  The scenery from Mt. Ogi ( 843 m ) is splendid ; you can find the 360 degree panorama with three highest mountains in Kyushu island, Mt. Aso, Mt. Kuju and Mt. Sobo.